We are back at the pool!

It was so lovely to see swimmers back at the pool this week as we opened our sessions again after lockdown and then some technical pool issues beyond our control. During lockdown we had some great news, we were successful in receiving a funding bid to continue our sessions for another year. We are now supported by Leicestershire County Council and are now able to offer free swims for carers. So this means if you come to swim with us, your carer can swim with you for free. We are hoping this helps many more people feel they can attend the swim sessions without extra financial pressure of paying for two swim fees.
We are working on being able to take payment online for donations and swimming via a button on our website. This will be really helpful as we adjust to the new normal where cash it seems is becoming very rare.

We saw a lot more children in the pool on Saturday which was so lovely to see. We have a variety of different floats and swim aids to help swimmers young and old.


When will it be safe to get back to the pool?

We hope you are all keeping safe and well during the pandemic. It is hard to keep up with exercise in the cold weather, especially if like many of our members the pool provides relief exercise and enjoyment. We miss being at the pool as much as you do and will be putting all our safety measures back in place as soon as we are given the ok to be back swimming.

There are some really good chair exercises you can do if you can’t get out for daily walks. Have a look at this page from the NHS.

Connecting with friends and family, whether a chat over the fence, at the front door or on the phone. Get talking, the power of connection and laughter is great for our mental health.

We are still here as a group, waiting to be reunited and to be swimming together in the future.

Take care and stay safe!